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  • Distance selling into Europe? How to become compliant with your WEEE & Producer Responsibility obligations

    As B2B and consumer online sales soar in the European and US markets, businesses face growing challenges in complying with evolving Producer Responsibility legislation.  

    In the past, legal obligations for companies selling into multiple European markets have been inconsistent across Member States, or not clearly defined. As a result, a recent survey of retailers revealed that, when considering the impact of laws and regulations on cross-order trading, country differences in responsibility for recycling and disposal was an issue for 40% of respondents. 

    In this paper, DHL examines the challenges posed by Producer Responsibility legislation for companies that are seeking to expand their e-commerce sales internationally.  The expert report provides analysis, guidance and practical advice on the following:

    • How WEEE, Packaging & Battery Directives apply to cross border sales
    • The different obligations that apply to B2B and B2C distance selling across EU Member States
    • Key considerations to ensure compliance with Producer Responsibility legislation

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  • ENDS Waste and Bioenergy: Monthly Insight Report

    The very first monthly edition of EWB Insight provides a news overview and key performance indicators for the European energy-from-waste (EfW), biomass energy and biogas energy markets, drawing on the unique EWB projects and plants database. 

    With EWB reporting strong growth, it seems all three sectors are fulfilling their promise to deliver greener energy. Most notably, the annualised growth rate for energy-from-waste capacity was at a robust 10.1% from July to September 2014, showing promise for continual growth ahead.  And despite some recent decline in biomass and biogas energy sectors, EWB estimates these industries are also growing strongly.

    In this report, EWB tracks growth across 450 projects in all three market sectors, illustrated by graphs, statistics and project highlights.

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